Gold Coins

by Daniel Joseph

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"I hit up Capicooo (Copilots / BullyMouth) and asked him to make me a Jeep knocker so I could throw some hope disguised as dope over it. Writing about what we strive for as poor/marginalized people in our city and country and what it can lead to. While walking that thin line between social justice and conforming to what's deemed as social norms in disenfranchised communities, where it's either you deal with the cards you're dealt by empowering yourself on either side of yin yang. Like most of my music I didn't really have a premise before I wrote. I just heard the production and let whatever was in my head at the time come out. at the time I must have either read / felt / seen something that made me want to vent about the society we live in"

Daniel Joseph



Who's fillin' them wit diesel in the needle
pardon while I turn the jeeps into cathedrals
from a cold world
swimming in that goose
check the label
check the proof
everything that the rebels walk their dogs to
gortex & ghosts parked on corners in the bricks really haunt
I'm the 'ark where the stolen art figures fill the wishing well
devil make you hustle for that merci
gaudy rooms make you kiss and tell
the mona lisa hangs sideways
you pray the hood only wish you well

for four wheels they killin' em
politic the kingdom for four years they kill it
ballin' on the corner since the stars popped the pill in 'em
dancin' in the after life cause mike's put the thrill in 'em
pockets for pop stars
Jesus loves the pop stars
careful, cause he'll take you quicker if he got the hots for ya
I got visions
I got visions
from walkin' hell and back
a couple blocks in my hood
make you take that map back
cause you could see the stars from the rooftops
redrum pouring over rocks
shine baby
shine baby
shine baby
shine baby

walk a narrow path
broad shoulders
marching to his own drum like momma told him
let's make the records spin for dollar signs, baby
I know lately i've been
but I got guts to spill lately till it's all over
pale white pony out your range rover
bullets over darts
seven stars on the hand that wrote 'em
god's work in this m'f*****
sacrifice the abel
yeah some shit'll make you slay your brother
white robe
dirty toungue
filthy thoughts
get you some
play the role 'til the crown match the dream it's from
speakers in the trunk screamin'
Amen the king has come


released April 8, 2016
written by Daniel Joseph
produced by Co-Pilots
executive producer SUCE (Sucio Smash)

art design: Daniel Joseph and SUCE


all rights reserved


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